Hi aquarius!
20/01 – 18/02

Your horoscope for today,
May 21

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Great hopes

We must always keep our hopes high. This seems a very corny or outdated phrase in a cold and calculating world, instead I would say that it is one of the engines that moves the world. It is only a matter of faith, go step by step in the direction that you set within your purposes in all areas of your life, you will get results, just keep your hopes high.

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Open the doors of your life to new things. What happened that you remain anchored to the past, to toxic situations that no longer bring anything new to your life? Stop thinking about what has ended, take care of yourself, choose yourself, to the extent that you are more focused, you can manifest self-love. And when you are prepared and do not feel that love is a need or a lack, a person will appear in your life that will not complete you, because you are not a half that needs to be completed, this person will come to your life and will empower you because it will elevate you to the Nth power in your ability to love and share. You just have to focus on yourself, without complexes or fears. Cry whenever you need, release, free, and leave behind the past.

Your inner self

There is an ant's job to do here, but you will feel very good about it, the stars augur a beginning. Do not be afraid anymore, leave it in the past, and start to become something new now. Take one step and then another, keep going, without fear. Do not lower your dreams to the level of other's expectations. You are not equal to anyone, do not compare yourself, you are your best version and your ascension is inevitable. Overcome your fears and start your ascent.

Family and friendships

Do not sacrifice yourself for the happiness of others, learn to say no. Practice saying no and when you have the desire to change the no for yes, you will recognize your own power. Those who truly love you will understand you and will accompany you in the midst of your decision making. No, it's not selfishness, it's just starting to do things in a different way.

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