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20/01 – 18/02

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January 17

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Learning to play

Sometimes a simple game hides much more than just fun, many passions are drawn into games. Two opponents seeking victory, competing fiercely, leaving everything behind, it is all or nothing. And even being down on the scoreboard, do not give up, never hand over the game, we must always continue fighting so much that we achieve victory. Sometimes our lives are similar to these instances, has it happened to you? On what occasions?

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In love, the games are not always clear, the rules are not always followed and not everything turns out as it should. Even so, we choose to play, we give it all our effort and try to behave in a way that will get a result that makes us proud. But the result will always be unforeseen, nothing guarantees us victory. We can only try to give our best to make it a good match. But we do not play all alone and it does not depend solely on our actions and feelings. We do not control the opponent, but yes, we can choose them. Here is where our freedom resides so we can ensure within a certain margin of error, that the game will turn out as we want it to. And if it's not that way then we'll go back and try again.

Family and friendship

Sometimes the game is entertaining and we really have fun. Even if it takes a lot of effort and we get tired, we always want to have a good time. For this reason it is important to respect the rules, behave like good players, and above all, play fair. Nothing hurts more than betrayals, of friends and family above all others. Because we expect a certain behavior, with certain rules, that are sometimes forgotten and we feel hurt, left out, and disrespected. We do not know how to continue if the rules are not respected. It is impossible to play a chaotic game, where everyone does what they want. The Word gives order to these behaviors. Speaking helps, and of course comfort: family and friends need honesty and courage.


We are in the game and we do not want to leave, but without realizing it we give the opponent an advantage. We show them our weak points, we accentuate them, we put ourselves at a disadvantage. We know how to take care of our bodies so that good health is with us; but sometimes we accept behaviors that weaken us or make us sick. Although we are able to choose a healthy life that benefits our body, it is not something we always do. Letting our minds fill with negative feelings certainly does not contribute to our well-being. Even so, these appear and we do not separate from them immediately. We become saboteurs of our game. We can always change the strategy and lead on the scoreboard. It's not too late to make the right choices, act like a professional player and move forward in life!

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