Hi aries!
21/03 – 19/04

Your horoscope for today,
May 21

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When we were children, we would fall and then run into the arms of our mother, who lovingly cared for it and wiped away our tears. But now we see the world and incidents differently, we are adults and growing up can sometimes hurt as well. It is a choice, it does not have to be a painful process. Different experiences in life are great opportunities for our evolution. You are the master of your destiny and from that position you must learn to have the ability to view your emotional wounds that are in the past, and dedicate the time they need in order to heal. Healing is releasing the relationships that impede your growth. Do not lock yourself in a small mental world, be willing to open up and break down the emotional barriers of your past. Once you get to clearly see all that you can gain by letting go of the past, your growth will be imminent!

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Family and friendships

It is an interesting month for building new relationships with the people who bring well-being into your life. It is also an ideal time to go out and meet new people, your social circle expands. Give yourself permission to review all your relationships, little by little you will see who will continue to stand by your side. The important thing is that you take advantage of this time to heal, you have the will to take large steps towards your growth. You are very intelligent, move forward choosing yourself.


Everything begins with you, in order to attract love into your life you first have to befriend yourself. This way you can raise the frequency of your vibration and attract the special person you deserve. Stop looking at your past relationships as negative, you are not a victim, you are the main character and as such you have the freedom to create the movie of your life with the people you want. If you are in a relationship, there will come a change that will bring an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you. It will be an ideal period for you to leave your fears in the past and begin to build the future you want.

Personal development

Keep going through with the changes you have chosen, do not stop. Fear only makes you stay stagnant. Avoid judgment, you have a chance for growth and transformation that you owe to yourself, put all your will in it so that you can do everything you intend to do. The renovation starts when you move out of your comfort zone, stop complaining, let's go! Living is today, set down your phone and feel the sun on your face, cheer up, go to the park, get together with your friends, share a good book, give yourself a good massage, you have the will you need to accomplish it.

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