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21/03 – 19/04

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January 17

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The jewels

They seem distant, bright, admired by all. It is the image we evoke when thinking about them. Luxurious, fascinating, something very valuable and very expensive. Perhaps most of us do not have them. It may be that we do not incorporate them into everyday life either, we usually associate them with parties, and luxury. Events specially planned to show them off. Because of their distance, because they are inaccessible, they are so valuable and admired. What are the jewels of our life?

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Family and friends

We know that we value our loved ones. With our agreements and disagreements, our daily comings and goings. But it would be interesting to think about the way we show them. We do not have the certainty that they truly have a sense of the intensity of our feelings. If we were owners of beautiful jewelry, we would like to have the opportunity to show them off. If we had them, we would show them to everyone, we would smile proudly at the compliments received and we would take great care of them. Let's review the care we give our loved ones. Friends, parents, children, brothers. Do they know the value we assign them?

Money and fortune

Let's think about what you would do if you received a box of jewels as a gift. Take it to the bank? It is clear that it would be difficult to show them every day. It would not be comfortable, you would be thinking that it is risky going out with such a fortune on you. You probably end up selling them to invest that money in something you can enjoy. A house, a vehicle, a vacation alone, with friends or with your family. Something that is possible to enjoy, not just look at. But how valuable would they be to you if you got rid of them? Is there something you could not be separated from for anything, for any amount of money? If so, those are your gems. You have them.


Valuable possessions require special and strict care. You would not leave your jewels in a corner, nor would you give them to anyone, nor run the risk of losing them. You know where I am going with this. Let's talk about the attention you give to your health. I will remind you of some points to keep in mind. The first thing is to hydrate and move. Dehydration causes serious damage to your body. So much so that sometimes it causes mental confusion, your brain stops working properly. Ten glasses of water a day. Do not forget. Movement is crucial. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity at least 3 times a week, and 250 steps per hour. These simple things will help you avoid cardiovascular disease, keep your cholesterol low, and above all feel vital.

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