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21/06 – 22/07

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January 17

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The Greek sculptures

It amazes us with its beauty, it moves us by the smoothness of its white marble, as cold as it is soft. It invites us to caress its surface hoping to find some warmth, such is the perfection of its details. But this does not happen. Of course it is a work of art of a beauty without equal, but to the touch, it is frozen. Many times the same thing happens to us in our interaction with people, who we get to know on our path. After appearing to be of great beauty, very attractive, we do not find the sensitivity that we believe accompanies that magnificent image that has moved our senses. Did this ever happen to you?

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Family and friendship

Family get-togethers are not free of conflict. Nor are meetings among friends. The rumors that circulate, generally unfounded, or often a distortion of an unwelcome phrase, have alot responsibility in this. Suspicions that one person or another spoke ill of someone, the minute betrayals of supporting a person who is facing off with another, we could continue giving examples of thousands of small interactions that most of the time end up generating Acts of exclusion of a person or people in our circle. And then they continue with feelings like "I do not like him", "I do not want to cross paths with ...", "he did me wrong ...". Those are the typical interactions of relationships that matter. The others, the indifferent relations, are recognized by coldness, distance, apathy, and lack of love.


The intensity of a bond requires skill to handle. It is rare that this is achieved on the first try. Generally we oscillate between excessive closeness, which chokes and suffocates both members, or an excessive distance that immerses us in fear of a heartbreak. We must find a balance. It must not be so intense that it destroys us, nor so indifferent that it dies, transforming us by its coldness, apathy, and indifference into a marble statue. Statues are contemplated, they do not embrace. Learning to get involved in the healthiest manner requires practice and we make mistakes, but analyzing them will make us progress towards the enjoyment of a harmonious, warm, and affectionate relationship.


Difficulties in emotional relationships, disappointments, breakdowns, and anxious expectations, are some of the factors that cause more stress in people. As soon as we have intertwined conflicts whole universe joins in. This has to do with family, work, partners, or friendship conflicts. Since we are social beings that grow in relation to others, regulating our emotional life is of vital importance. We are not statues and relationships affect us. Maintaining a positive attitude works with our well-being, not taking things personally, understanding that others have their problems and that they also are moved by them. Listen to others, opening our hearts.

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