Hi capricorn!
22/12 – 19/01

Your horoscope for today,
May 21

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The diamond within you

Inside ourselves there is a diamond that has its own brightness, nourished by a large heart. Showing the transparency of our diamond makes us genuine. Vulnerability is a state that exists within you and within everyone, but you do not have to fear showing it to the world. Being authentic is about being the way you really are, you do not need to hide it, and those who really care about you will appreciate that precious gem. When the diamond shows itself without fear, with all the colors it attracts to itself and at the same time reflects, it becomes aware of its own value.

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In love, honesty is what allows you to deepen your bond. When you show your partner the way you truly are, with your weaknesses and honest emotions, if there is love, they will know how to offer you the support you need. Being able to open up in order to express your feelings implies a context of trust between the two people. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it is a sign of empathy, because it indicates that you can place yourself in the shoes of others. If you're single, always shine your diamond and others will notice your glow.

Your inner self

A diamond is the most resistant mineral and at the same time it is the most translucent. Paying too much attention to how the brightness looks from the outside, without shaping the inner diamond, can show the world a wrong or shallow light. But luckily, you will know how to find your way to shine. Realize that your inner diamond shines to be vulnerable, it implies bravery and courage. You are strong enough to let the light shine through you without being dazzled by it. Keep shining like a great star and you will see how everything around you begins to reflect that brightness that you emit!

Family and friendship

Consider yourself fortunate to have people who love you for who you are and know how much you are worth, because they managed to discover that real person in you. This is achieved when we learn to let out our feelings when we need them and are able to listen to those of others. Rejoice in the companionship you give to others, for you bring joy to their lives. Remember that you are always a ray of light on the cloudy days that a relative, a love, or a friend is experiencing. This is an important role that we sometimes do not realize. But perhaps an affectionate gesture, a smile or a caress for a loved one, can help you through a difficult time with greater ease. True friends stay in your life and are guides that help you grow, even though we sometimes do not like to hear the things they have to tell us.

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