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The Joy of Carnivals

Carnival is a time that we associate with joy, costumes, music, and dance; It is one of those popular festivals that is attended by most of the inhabitants in a city. Each town according to its culture organizes the celebration, which often include debauchery and excess. At times of celebration, focusing on your relationships and enjoying the moment without being tempted by such excess, will help us to experience the moment with greater enjoyment, avoiding accidents and bad times.

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In our lives it is very necessary to have periods of leisure, as well as work and concentration in our tasks and obligations. Both moments are equally important, and our health is marked by the balance between the two. During periods of entertainment and fun it is essential that we do not have habits that end up damaging our health. Alcohol, if consumed, should be with complete moderation. It is proven that drinking alcohol and smoking are habits that shorten life and have harmful effects on the heart, lungs, stomach, and skin. Laughing and spending time with friends generates endorphins, improves breathing, and strengthens cardiovascular strength. Endorphins strengthen the immune system and help prevent diseases. Knowing how to have fun, in Carnivals and at all other times, is our best ally.

Family and friendship

Relationships with our family and friends are based on trust. Things are understood that are often not clearly stated, but that inadvertently govern our relationships. If we change the rules in the middle of a game, we will most likely abandon it. If they do not act according to our expectations, we will feel confused and worried. Sometimes we get the feeling of being scammed or cheated when others do not behave as expected. That's why Carnival lasts for such a short while. No one could endure this lack of control for long. We need to know what to expect in our relationships. Be predictable for others, and the others will be predictable for us.


Carnival feasts usually last four to five days during which it is expected that there will be a common characteristic: a certain permissiveness and a certain lack of control. A typical characteristic is the concealment of the identity of the participants, who wear costumes or masks that prevent others from recognizing them. This allows them to behave differently from the norm, showing behaviors that would be judged improper if they were to do them unmasked. It's only four or five days, no more than that, because who wants the people around them to continuously hide their identity? We build norms to live together in society, and whatever they are, it makes us uneasy to lose them. We would not know how to act, nor what to expect from others. Four or five days a year, no more. Because, let's keep this in mind, it's not healthy to wear masks in love.

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