Hi gemini!
21/05 – 20/06

Your horoscope for today,
May 21

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Four leaf clover

It's time to feel lucky! Because the stars are here to teach us that the first step to having luck is to feel fortunate. Try it, feel deep inside yourself that something good is waiting for you on this day. Predispose your energy and your body to receive good news, and you will notice that good news will come your way. The power of the mind is much greater than we think, and just by feeling good and deserving of good fortune, we will be able to twist our destiny so that it comes to us and bathes us in the faith that good things will happen.

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Spring can happen at any time of the year, because it lives inside of us. If you are in a relationship, it is time for you to perform an unexpected act of love, to surprise your partner and give yourself the time to enjoy them. If you are alone or on your own at this time in your life, try to celebrate life with your friends and enjoy every encounter you have. The joy in your body will make you shine and that special person will won't be able to keep from noticing it. Forget your wishes to be with someone, the less you think about it, the sooner it will happen!


Today you have a mission, and it is learning to heal. We usually get sick and suffer discomfort and pain. We have learned to deal with it and to know that we are vulnerable and exposed. But we have never been taught to heal and everything that it implies. The first thing that our body needs is for our minds to make the decision to get well. Once this takes place within us, our body will begin to send signals of well-being. Sleep 8 hours and eat a variety of foods, take care of your body like a sacred temple. Be careful with what information you fill your mind and try to expose yourself to good energies and positive people. This will help you see beyond your own discomfort!

Family and friends

It's time to open up, not all of us are lucky to be born into a happy family. Actually I'll tell you one thing, the perfect family does not exist. You can tell me that you see it in magazines and on television, and even that you have a neighbor with such a family. These are false illusions. What makes them happy is the way they face the life they have been born into. Look around and decide what your real family is, build one to fit what you want. And remember that whatever it is you have lived through, what makes you strong is the process of overcoming it and leaving it behind. Growth makes us free!

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