Hi leo!
23/07 – 22/08

Your horoscope for today,
May 21

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There are times in life when providence puts us to the test, it does not matter if you do not believe in god or call him another name: great mind, Buddha, Allah, universe. It is time to take stock and reflect on the things we have done well and those that have presented us with some difficulty. Avoid losing confidence in the energy that is up guiding us towards our transformation. Remove those negative thoughts, life is telling you where the road is, you only need to pay attention to the signs and keep your eyes open wide. People will begin to notice the changes in you, do not let anyone tell you what you have to do. You have emerged from a complicated situation and now you have a greater strength to undertake new challenges. You prosper and you are radiant. You were born to shine in your own light!

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Your inner self

I invite you to see it this way: there is a source of energy that is like a mother battery where we go when we run out of strength, and just connect to it in order to start recharging. Think of it as a source of energy in your life, an activity that you really enjoy? a dream? A special friend? Meditation? Try to discover your source and go to it. Whenever you are connected you will have an inexhaustible source of energy that will allow you to live your day in harmony and fulfill your tasks. It's like the sun, wherever you go you can feel it. You just have to believe that you are connected and you will be, it is a matter of self-confidence!

Personal development

The work that needs to be developed will not happen from one day to the next, you must have patience and perseverance. It is a good time to start releasing the burdens of your past, which no longer serves you: clean your areas, give away old clothes, end your cycles, delete contacts in your phone, return the book you did not want to let go, get away from the people who are toxic. Clean and let go, then rebuild with the parts you want to keep, along with the new ones that will gradually be integrated into your life. The attachments to things, places, situations, and people keep us tied to a past that, on many occasions, has impeded our evolution. Take some time to evaluate everything around you, including your negative and pessimistic attitudes or thoughts that are not in line with what you want and become free!


It's time to dare to live purely in emotions. Leave the thoughts and existential questions aside. After all, what is reality? It is just an interpretation that we arrived to within our mind. Faith is a constant, daily exercise. Faith in where we place our energy, be it work, our studies, interpersonal relationships, and especially towards ourselves. The key is to put that extra effort into everything we do. Put faith in your choices for love, let yourself be carried away by the urge to love!

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