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23/09 – 22/10

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May 21

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Waiting for water in times of drought

Water is the element that through its excellence makes us human beings: it runs through our body and allows us to live every day. That is why it is the center of our deepest interests: we need water to inhabit live anywhere, to hydrate and refresh our body, water the crops and give animals something to drink. We even search for it tirelessly on distant planets, and the news of the discovery of water in some distant place in the cosmos can surprise us very pleasantly. But let's go back to our home, our planet earth. What happens when the rains distinguish themselves by their absence?

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Personal development

When we can not achieve something that we truly need, how can we randomly respond to the eccentricities of life? The tools are in all of us, in our genes, the ability to adapt. If something we need is not there, we can act strategically in order to adapt to our environment, and learn to wait for the wind to bring what we need. Sometimes when we try to know ourselves and look at ourselves closely, the proximity distorts what we see, and it costs us, like when we want to photograph a flower close up, to get into focus. That is why it helps us to look at other people, learn from them, knowing that we all share the same housing, and that their strategies for dealing with bad times are possibly quite similar to ours.

Your inner self

Think about how a plant faces water scarcity, what strategy does it adopt? It has been discovered in recent years that plants like tomatoes have the ability to change their genes under unfavorable conditions: chemical changes occur in their DNA, achieving greater tolerance to the lack of water. Let's learn from the tomato! Its riches do not only reside in its tasty fruit. We should let ourselves realize that we are immensely malleable and flexible beings even to our most microscopic structure, able to modify our needs, our behaviors and our desires, to go through unfavorable moments life. Our body is in motion, ready to change what needs to be changed in pursuit of a greater well-being.

Family and friendship

Many plants, trees and shrubs know that in bad weather, good company. Do you know the Mycorrhiza? This word sounds complex, but in reality it is two Greek words put together: "mycos" means mushrooms, and "rhiza", means "roots". Mycorrhiza is a way to call a positive and beneficial relationship that occurs between fungi that inhabit the soil and the roots of plants. A tree can then join its roots to fungi, they can go further in search of water and finally carry it back to the roots. The tree also helps the fungus, giving it vitamins and other elements. We know how to extend our hands and our emotions to others, to those we love and to those who love us, they allow us greater feats in good times, and when the drought comes, allow us to get through them as good as possible.

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