Hi sagittarius!
22/11 – 21/12

Your horoscope for today,
January 17

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The suitcase

It's about analyzing your luggage, which you are burdened with, and which is what you carry on your back down life's road. If it is a lot of weight, whether you carry it with pleasure, if you have what is needed, or if you have lacked something essential. At the moment of choosing what you would take, have you thought about what is necessary and have you taken the time needed to make a good choice? Or have you left this task up to chance considering it superfluous? Maybe you underestimate the importance of this route and have not stocked yourself up well. You have another chance, you can add items to your suitcase. Think about it, depending on what you decide, the success of your journey will depend on it.

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We do not always start the journey along the paths of love with everything we need already provided. It is during the journey and in our disappointments, that we learn what it is that we need in order to achieve a loving well-being. Also, we understand which affective elements we carry most, or carry excessively, causing us to finally behave like a heavy burden in our relationships, sinking instead of rising to happy occasions. In general, remembering disappointments only serves to stop our progress, and recreate unhappy feelings. That is precisely the burden that we must let go of, if we want a happy future. It is up to us to carry in our suitcases the tools needed in order to build our happiness, and to abandon the weight of pain we have already passed and that we do not want to repeat.


When preparing our suitcase, we choose what best suits our travel needs. But when we return home we realize that we have taken unnecessary things, or things that we have not used. It is not enough to choose the content of our luggage well. The use we give to what we wear, will tell us if we have chosen well. If we carry many good intentions that we do not fulfill eventually, we have chosen well but used it poorly. Our initial choices were good but we forgot them at the bottom of the suitcase and we always wore the same clothes. Because it was at hand, because we were using it, or because we got used to it and it is difficult for us to change. We all know that we should eat healthy, exercise, sleep well. And it's not good to smoke or drink alcohol excessively. Do we use this knowledge in our journey through life, or do we forget it at the bottom of the suitcase?

Family and friendship

We can not carry more weight than our body can withstand. This seems to be a truth that is known to all, but is one of the most forgotten things when preparing our luggage. Ponder it and you will see how much excessive weight you carry with difficulty on your daily path. A reproach for what you did not say or did not do, that guilt for not having acted, that discomfort over some forgetfulness, the omission of something that you think you should have said or done. If you start to think on it, the list grows, and it seems to never end. Each element that is added shares a characteristic with the others: it generates pain or discomfort, and if that were not enough, it is irreparable. Therefore, it does not make sense. You must detach yourself from that useless weight and you will feel lighter, more animated and with more energy to build a beautiful future.

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