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23/10 – 21/11

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May 21

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The moon

The Moon has a lot of power and is, in turn, very discreet. You do not see much of it, sometimes it shrinks until it almost disappears or becomes invisible. And yet it is one of the most influential stars in our everyday lives. Will it bring us peace and serenity, or endless turbulence? Everything will depend on how you live, what you decide when you follow your destiny. The Moon is the great mother that gives life and health, but that is only its influence and you alone will decide your destiny. The Moon sometimes drives people and sometimes stops others, let's discover what the favorable tendencies are in order to avoid going against its influence.

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The Moon is the image of romantic love, the lovers look at it and write poetry about it, they dream of walking in its light, but in reality, what really matters is what you decide in your love life, and how you plan to live it. We already know that the new moon helps at the beginning of a relationship, the waxing quarter grows and leads to realization, which occurs with the full moon that culminates and consumes. Then we move back symbolically to reflect on the achievements and reorganize our projects. But you always have the last say and the possibility of growing in harmony with the stars. Build your relationship favoring the cycles and it will be easier and more harmonious.

Money and fortune

The cycles of growth are in harmony, you must accept that the economic benefits are not always a one and done thing, there will be moments of growth and others of loss. But if you know how to manage them intelligently, the balance will always be positive. The cycles of plenty must serve to specify projects and affirm them, but if you squander during a good time, when everything seems to be in your favor, then you will be in trouble. Dispense of unnecessary expenses, and do not think that good weather lasts forever. When in more stagnant times, it is a chance to remain stable, observe and plan, and keep what has been earned. When the cycle decreases, it is time to plan, save and restart. If you organize your cycles, everything will be successful!


Although the visible effect of female menstrual cycles is very noticeable, men also respond to them, although it is in a different capacity. The moon influences the feelings and emotions of our behaviors. In the new moon until the crescent moon there is a lot of energy but little concentration, in a quarter moon until the full moon there is an energetic fullness but also a lucidity that we must take advantage of, from full moon to waning room we experience pleasure and enjoyment, and from the waning quarter to New moon we feel defensive and fragile. The moon also influences the growth of the nails, you must cut them in the crescent lunar phase, because if you do it in the full moon they will grow faster but be more fragile. In the waning moon they will grow slower but stronger. The same happens with hair, do not cut it in a full moon, in a crescent moon it will have inclination to undulate and be finer, in the waning moon it will be stronger.

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