Hi taurus!
20/04 – 20/05

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May 21

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Have you ever thought that your presence in the universe is not important? Have you felt that without you, life would just continue on its course? Well, there’s nothing more wrong than these thoughts, but we must also recognize that they are very common in many people, who have also felt this way. What is this about?

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The astronomer Harlow Shapley discovered that we are made of the same material which makes up stars. Yes, stars. So distant and admired. So brilliant and magnificent, they are equal to us in their makeup. We are stardust! We are as bright and magnificent as they are!A veces, también lejanos; y pocas veces admirados por nosotros mismos. Pongamos atención a esto. Dos conductas que mejorarán notablemente tu bienestar fisico y psíquico tienen que ver con ésto. La primera, la lejanía. Mantener una distancia óptima de los otros, generar vínculos amorosos hará tu día a día mucho más fácil y placentero. Y la segunda: la admiración. Admirarte a ti mismo, tener conciencia de tu increíble valor y reconocerte como un milagro del universo. Si las pones en práctica, cuidaras tu salud, y tu bienestar aumentará.

Family and friendship

Family and friends are our own and exclusive universe. In which we meet daily. We are part of it, we move, and we interact with all the people that are in it. Keeping our orbit constant and our path visible creates our success. Being predictable for others, helps them to understand our path and collaborate with it, not blocking or getting rid of the path. Anticipating our changes, without needing to explain them, but warning those around us that we are in a transitional moment, reduces the possibilities of affectionate frictions that sometimes end up in real turmoil. Let us be responsible for our affections, let's be see-through. Let's avoid the nebula. The dust of stars, sometimes, is also muddy.

Your inner self

Learn to look inward, connect with our light and expand ourselves. Going out into the world with it and shining, is a great task that only we can carry out. We are stardust, and our essence is to multiply light. There are people and places that strengthen this mission, but others that make it more difficult, and sometimes they even manage to make us fail or forget for a while, making us sad, angering us, causing us to lose faith in ourselves. Because of this, do not remain close to those who obscure your being. You are responsible for distancing yourself from those who conspire against your essence. Your discomfort will show you the way. When you perceive it, guard yourself. Get some distance, become strong, and shine.

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