Hi virgo!
23/08 – 22/09

Your horoscope for today,
March 26

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Divine energy

Our personal projects, family ties, significant other, old and new friendships, the activities we do for pleasure, everything that governs our day can go one way or another depending on the energy and enthusiasm we project into it. Being clear on how much energy we are willing to invest in this goal or that one, will help us to organize and be aware of its importance in our life. Today the stars will help you think about how you want to open up to the world.

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Love, when it comes to our lives, brightens and empowers us. It envelops us in a wonderful state where nothing else seems to matter. We feel infinite, powerful, magical. We are able to spend sleepless nights in order to share new moments with our loved one. It is good that this happens at the beginning, if this moment has come into your life, enjoy it to the fullest. But do not let this disorder in your life extend for an indefinite time, you have a life that continues its course beyond love. Try to recover your routines and personal spaces soon, resume your goals and meetings with friends, since life is much more than the love of a couple. And nothing good can happen, when we give our whole lives to a project of two people, losing all our uniqueness and personal wealth.


We usually go through stages of high demand from work, forcing us to give more than our body and mind can give. It is in the moments of greatest tension and demands that we must tune our antennas to the highest settings and take care of our rest areas. Sleeping at least 6 hours will make us perform better at the time we must return to work. Remember that you only have one body and one mind, and they are not everlasting. Do not push your energies to the limit, nothing will be worth such sacrifice and wear. Try to organize your diet to be nutritious, especially in those demanding times. Cooking your own food or asking for help from a loved one can be an option. Health always comes first, remember that you will not have another replacement body.

Personal development

Sometimes we feel that our energies are exhausted, that they are not infinite. We wish to have more energy to be able to make plans. Other times, our energies seem to magically renew themselves in light of a new project that excites us very much. We do really not know what this depends on, since it is not enough to just sleep well and eat healthy. There is an emotional, motivational factor that also governs the strength that our body is willing to invest in this or that purpose. Undertaking projects that excite you will help you to live more active days and that will make you feel better at the end of the day. Living by what we dream of will always make us happy, encourage yourself to go for it!

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