Hi virgo!
23/08 – 22/09

Your horoscope for today,
May 21

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Do not be afraid

In life you will find many sharks. People more powerful than you, more aggressive than you, more strategic. Also people with bad intentions. Do not act through fear. Face them. Defend yourself, stand up. That way they can not harm you. Nowadays it is normal to hear about "haters". Haters are people who systematically show negative or hostile attitudes on any issue. The important thing to know is that there will always be people like that, for whom everything you do or say is wrong. Do not worry about what they will say, do not be afraid to be yourself. Just act according to your own convictions.

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Money and fortune

It is time to think about new work prospects. You will notice that new opportunities are being offered to you. You must be alert to this, since the train sometimes only comes by once. Do not be afraid to change jobs if you feel stuck in the current one. In any case, analyze your possible options, evaluate how you would feel working in the place that piques your attention. Do not be afraid to change course in your profession, no matter how old you are. You just have to put into perspective whatever makes you happy.


Fear is an emotion that serves as a natural alarm response, and can make us flee or face the problem, but also paralyzes us. Our body responds immediately and a series of signals that occur in our brain appear relative to how we perceive a situation. When we feel fear, we paralyze ourselves and move away. We tend to flee. Our body is put on alert. But why does this happen? The answer is in our brain, which is prepared for us to experience this emotion in certain circumstances. The goal is to survive. In the end what we are prepared for is to protect ourselves from external threats. The problem is when this fear becomes totally irrational and fictitious. When we feel afraid to leave our homes, to go out at night, to take a taxi. Many times we exaggerate the fears we have, and the consequence is a waste of our energies and an imbalance in our body, which causes us stress. Be aware of which ones are well-founded fears and which ones are exaggerated reactions to a relatively controlled environment, that you do not need to fear.

Your inner self

At the end of the day, what matters is how you feel about yourself. The same way that you take care of your house and decorate it, by buying plants that you water in the morning, fixing the windows, unclogging the pipes; your mind and your body are also your home. So, why not stop boycotting yourself? Why not decorate your body? Why not open the windows of your mind? It's a good time for everything related to spirituality: either read self-help books, start yoga, meditate. You can also choose to read novels that catch your attention and boost your creativity. Do the following exercise: take two hours a week to be with yourself. In those two hours, turn off your cell phone and do not let anyone interrupt you. Plan an outing with yourself: either to the movies, to the theater, to a bookstore, or to a cafe. Have you ever been to the movies alone? You will find out that it is a magnificent experience, that many do not dare to do out of fear of what others will say. One thing is for sure: you will not have to share the popcorn.

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