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Connie Johnson for Oklahoma - Connect with Us

Connie’s Plan

Budget & taxes

The State of Oklahoma is in the midst of a critical revenue failure that impacts every facet of our society. Without responsible fiscal management and adequate revenue generation, our state cannot function properly. Balancing the budget on the backs of poor and middle-class citizens is neither wise nor just. Unless we address the budget crisis, our other priorities cannot succeed.


One of our highest priorities must be to adequately fund common, career tech and higher education before cutting taxes. Presently we lead the nation in cumulative cuts to education. Our future as a state for decades to come is being determined right now in our schools and colleges. A properly funded public education system ensures all students the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.


Government policies affect business environment and employee wages. The minimum wage should be increased to a level that is fair to businesses, employees and taxpayers. With few exceptions, the states where workers earn the highest wages are the states with the most college graduates, while states with the lowest median wages are those with the fewest college graduates.

Health Care

The ultimate goal of health care is to improve and maintain people’s health and functional status. Oklahoma’s health goals are best attained through the coordinated efforts of public and personal health systems. I support a fundamental shift from public health as an afterthought, subject to annual appropriations in competition with the more visible personal health services, to a core, sustained investment in the people of our state.